The TANDEM Madrid school offers its Spanish courses in a safe environment

In times of COVID-19 TANDEM Madrid is still open: we offer our usual Spanish courses with cultural activities and in small groups. We also offer the best online Spanish courses, with the same quality as the face-to-face courses and with our usual native teachers in case you want to study Spanish from your country.

At TANDEM we have worked very hard to ensure a safe learning environment for our students. Among other measures, we have created a safety committee to control that all the protocols are fulfilled. All this has led us to obtain the “ESCUELA ELE SEGURA – COVID 19” certificate, from the network of Spanish schools in Spain*.

Certificado Centro ELE

To do this, we carry out strict controls at the entrance to the school: hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory and temperature is taken. The use of a mask inside our building is also mandatory. In addition, we have installed protective screens in the secretary’s office.

In addition, we use only the largest classrooms, with windows to the street for frequent ventilation. We count on your collaboration at all times to ensure that the de-escalation goes safely.

We would love to welcome you back to TANDEM Madrid

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* Obtaining this certificate does not guarantee that the school is free of risk from COVID-19 and therefore this condition should not and cannot be certified.

Safe School certification means compliance with a series of established measures that can improve security for the prevention of infection but, as has been said, never guarantee that it is a coronavirus-free establishment.

Information for the student: This stamp certifies that the schools have contingency plans to reduce the possibilities of contagion in the teaching center and to stop the expansion in the face of possible outbreaks of COVID-19. However, we cannot guarantee the inexistence of risk due to the changing epidemiological situation in which we find ourselves and the personal responsibility of each user.



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