Testimonial of Karine Berthier, 2020

Testimonial of Karine Berthier, 2020

I’m a Spanish teacher and I would like to thank TANDEM for the quality of their training. This is the second time I take a Spanish course at this school and I don’t regret it. From March 9th to 13th, I took a one-week course in “Spanish and Cinema”, just before I had to go home because of the lockdown (due to the Covid-19).

I was able to address several aspects of Spanish language films and short films related to topics on the French high school’s Spanish curriculum (e.g. couple’s relationship and the situation of women in society, the political situation in Chile before the 1973 coup, cultural and linguistic diversity in Spain)… The documents and activities proposed have been very useful for my teaching and I plan to use them for my next teaching sequences. In fact, during this period of confinement and distance learning, I have already used materials from the TANDEM teachers’ blog “Mujeres españolas de la actualidad sociopolítica” which I have integrated into a padlet entitled “Private space – public space: women’s itinerary”. The aim of the sequence is to answer the following issues:

Why do women have to conquer public space? How are women excluded from public space? How is the condition of women evolving? How have women managed to get out of private space?

Private space – Public space is one of the axes that we have to study in the courses equivalent to the 1st and 2nd levels of high school in France. The documents proposed by the TANDEM teachers fit perfectly into the sequence and illustrate how women have been able to conquer public space in Spain. I also intend to use the short films and advertisements seen and studied with Susana during this week of March on the same theme.

In short, do not hesitate to participate in training for teachers at TANDEM, they will adapt and respond to your pedagogical needs!

~ Karine Berthier

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