Enjoy Madrid and merry Christmas!

christmas Madrid night

Madrid is usually a vibrant and energized city, but during the Christmas season it is even more spectacular. During anytime of the year Madrid offers many events and permanent attractions, such as its several theaters and museums, palaces, churches and more. Now, thousands of people, both locals and tourists, crowd the shinny streets looking for last minute gifts for their loved ones or just to enjoy the attractions the city offers these days.

The Christmas lights are an attraction itself. You can see it everywhere in the central area and a five-minute walk may enough to be delighted with it. However, you can take a tour like the “Christmas Lights City Tour”, through Navibus. This tour focuses on the alluring and charming Christmas lights throughout the city. This is a new addition to the Madrid Christmas activities but appreciated. A bus takes sightseers on a 45 minute tour starting at Goya and Jorge Juan. The tourist will see Serrano, Plaza Independencia, Calle Alcalá, Plaza Cibeles, Gran Vía, Plaza Callao, Jacometrezo, Plaza Santo Domingo, Calle San Bernardo, Calle Velazquez, and Calle. In good time the bus arrives every 5-7 minutes to take vacationers on this festive, dazzling tour.

The Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun, in English) is a central square in Madrid, focus of many important events. It is one of the most visited places in Madrid. Its location is even more significant because the square is in the center of the radial of Spanish roads. During all Christmas season it hosts a big Christmas tree, that highlights the rest of the decoration. In New Year’s eve Puerta del Sol is the place chosen by people of Madrid and visitants to take the famous Twelve Grapes at midnight, a Spanish tradition to celebrate the new year. The famous bells chime to mark the start of a new year as people eat twelve grapes for this celebration. If you’re lucky you might find yourself on television since this event is broadcast on national television.

Madrid Christmas market Plaza Mayor Near Puerta del Sol, you can visit Madrid’s oldest Christmas markets in Plaza Mayor. This market is over 100 years old. Travelers around the world come to sample the nougats in the festive plaza. You can find guides that will show you special gifts ranging from symbols to candy, foods and liquors.

In January 6th, the Three Kings Parade is held through the streets of Madrid. It is a majestic and much-expected colorful parade, expected by children all year long. This splendid parade welcomes the Three Wise Men Melchoir, Caspar and Balthazar who bring presents to children who behaved well during the year. This is an exciting event for your youngsters.

Madrid offers a different perspective on Christmas and New Year. From traditional to the unconventional Christmas celebrations Madrid offers tourist a heartwarming, enjoyable Christmas vacation.

During the holiday season, TANDEM Madrid will be closed from December 23 until January 3. We hope you enjoy the city during this period and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and that all your wishes come true in 2016.

Merry Christmas


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