Exchange between Merian-Schule and Azubis groups

Azubis Merian exchange

Exchange between the Merian-Schule group from Germany and the group of Azubis, Elfi and Thomas.

Two of our student groups at TANDEM Madrid have teamed up for a language exchange activity together. They are a group of German students from Merian-Schule, who have come to our school for the first time to do a Spanish course. They were joined by students from the Azubis group, a group of young Spaniards who are beginning to study German.

intercambio Azubis Merian 3 The first group exchange activity they did was to get to know each other. They were able to exchange information about their studies, their interests, their family, their course… for half an hour in German. The Spanish boys and girls have been able to see how much they have learned in these two weeks of the course. I think this activity made them realise this, because many of them were surprised that they were able to chat so much with the German girls.

Then we switched to Spanish, and in Spanish they spent another half an hour talking about interesting places in their city: an original bar, a small museum, a trendy discotheque?

exchange Azubis Merian 4

After this hour together, many were left wanting more and exchanged phone numbers and emails. I hope you will have more opportunities to see each other and to continue learning together.

exchange Azubis Merian 5 The Merian-Schule girls return to Germany on Sunday and we hope that they will be encouraged to come back next year. The Azubis group, who have been with us for a few months now, will be able to continue improving their German language skills with the next groups we will be hosting at TANDEM Madrid.

Many thanks to the teachers who participated in the activity: Thomas, Elfi, Alicia H. and Susana. And above all to our friendly students.

exchange Azubis Merian 2


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