Students testimonials, January, 2019

In the last few weeks many wonderful students have come and gone and we will remember them fondly until the next time they come to visit us. 

Two of them wanted to share their experience with us through the brief testimonials below. Two very different people, from very different cultures, but who have in common the enthusiasm and passion that are characteristic of TANDEM and that we share with most of our students.

Melis Baykara

Melis is from Turkey and studied Spanish at TANDEM on a long-term course. She reached a C1 level during his stay in Madrid and participated with great enthusiasm in the cultural and leisure activities organized by the school. We will always remember you, Melis!



I’ve always fancied to learn Spanish and also studied it for a short time in different schools before coming to TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid. This school was by far the best with the sweetest, most professional staff. I’ve grown a lot in the Spanish way with the interactive topics in the classes and the fun activities after classes. Highly recommended!

~Melis Baykara

Yves Dufour

Yves Dufour is French Director, Copywriter & Translator at French Perfect Ltd., in Toronto, Canada.



Yves Dufour

It was my second time at TANDEM this year and, once again, I was thoroughly impressed by the School and by the quality of the teaching. Every teacher I met had the know-how to create a rewarding learning experience. Their ability to help students communicate in Spanish is incredible. My fluency improved rapidly, and I often found myself thinking in Spanish. I would recommend TANDEM to anyone who seriously wants to learn the language.

Thank you for all your work at making TANDEM a great school. I was also very happy with my placement at Eva’s (host family).

~Yves Dufour

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