Testimonial of Eliza Saftyuk, a student taking a Spanish course with us!

Testimonial of Eliza Saftyuk, a student taking a Spanish course with us!

Eliza is from the Netherlands, living in Madrid for one year now. She decided to join us in the adventure of learning Spanish four months ago, so she knows well our school and our courses. Now that we have switched to Spanish courses by videoconference, listen to what she has to say about them! Learning a new language is one of the best things we can do to make the most of our time and keep our brains active during this time!

Testimonial of Eliza Saftyuk
Testimonial of Eliza Saftyuk


Hi everyone! My name is ELISA, I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve been living in Madrid for one year. Four months ago, I decided to do a Spanish course because I’ve done Spanish in school and I wanted to improve it, since I’m in Madrid and it is the city where people speak Spanish. I chose TANDEM, and, my first motivation for choosing TANDEM was that their approach to choose acoustic course for me was very personal.

They really took care to see which course would be better for me and they didn’t make a mistake. When I came I had a B1 level, and now I think we’re approaching C1 or we’re almost at C1 level, which is amazing. For me, the hardest thing to do when learning a language is probably talking, so I really need to be forced to talk.

I like that, in TANDEM, we do it in a manner that it’s not really forced but you actually want to talk. There is a great combination of grammar, of vocabulary… but also of exciting exercises. What I noticed is that, also, in comparison to other schools where we used to talk about topics that were very elementary school like: “What did you do in your summer break”? or “What is your favorite place in Madrid”?, in TANDEM we actually focus more on things that are more suitable to our levels, so more suitable for my age, which I have found super interesting.

Of course it’s better to talk about something that you actually care about than about something that it’s just to learn the language.

That’s why I really recommend TANDEM and I will continue my course for as long as I can. The school switched to online courses, as you know, and honestly having the classes it’s been the highlight of my week. I actually wait for the classes because it’s so fun, you get to see your classmates, you get to engage with other people and actually practice the language. Now that you don’t have anything to do, the best way to do something is to learn a new language, right?

Thank you so much and I’ll see you after quarantine!

~ Eliza Saftyuk

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