The Volksuniversiteit group of Brielle and Oostvoorne and TANDEM Madrid

MercedesVolksuniversiteit group of Brielle and Oostvoorne (The Netherlands)

A memory from the Netherlands – May 2013

Two months ago, just after the San Isidro festivities, I was in Madrid for the second time with a group of students from the Dutch ‘Volksuniversiteit de Brielle and Oostvoorne’.

Once again I was amazed, both by the school and the treatment received from Begoña Llovet and Mercedes Guerrero and the teaching staff. Before starting the trip, I already received a lot of support from a distance in order to set up the cultural programme as well as the classes. They are extremely professional, just like the rest of the TANDEM staff!

Going with a group of 11 people of a very varied age, it requires a lot of organisation and I felt very supported in all the arrangements.

The students were again delighted with the teaching staff, the didactics and the activities which were of a very high and varied standard.

The guides gave them a lot of confidence in learning the language…

…they also learned a lot about the history of Spain and in particular during a visit to ‘Alcalá de Henares’, they were enchanted by the city and… by the food…

…they finally understood the grammatical usage in cooking…

…enjoyed a flamenco night with a typical dinner…

and … they visited the city of Segovia in a very pleasant way.

Let’s do it again’, there is still a lot to learn and to see!

With love,

Mercedes Arnau


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