Extensive Business Spanish Course

Extensive Business Spanish Course

Extensive Business Spanish Course

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Considering that both the Spanish and Latin American markets are booming, learning Spanish for business would be a good idea.

The Extensive Business Spanish Course at TANDEM Madrid is a Spanish course designed for all professionals or undergraduate students who want to learn Spanish for a longer period of time and prefer to have fewer Spanish lessons per week.

Whether you prefer the intensive or the extensive version, you will develop the needed language skills in the international business environment. You will be able to handle any situation where Business Spanish is required: closing a business agreement, holding a meeting, signing a contract, etc. fluently in Spanish.


Extensive Business Spanish Course

Availability EVERY FRIDAY
Lessons per week 6 WEEKS: 24 lessons (3 lessons/week)
Duration Minimum: 6 weeks
Levels From B1
Lesson Duration 45 min
Timetable Check with our staff
Enrolment fee 30€


in the price

included services

15 services included in the price!

Tuition for the ” ESPAÑOL DE LOS NEGOCIOS ” exam not included.

To attend our extensive Business Spanish course, you must have at least a level B1 of Spanish in order to be able to have an informal conversation in Spanish without any problems.

The minimum time you can book is six weeks, which includes 24 Spanish lessons in a group of approximately five to twelve students. Each week you will take three classes of 45 minutes each at our school, with the rest of the students from the extensive Business Spanish course.



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6 weeks 280 Euros
8 weeks 375 Euros
12 weeks 560 Euros


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