Spanish Course travelling by Spain

Spanish Course travelling by Spain

Spanish Course travelling by Spain

The TANDEM schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and San Sebastian offer individual students the chance to learn Spanish while travelling around other parts of the country.

With this course you will have the chance to enjoy three cities of Spain. These are quite different because of their geographical location, cultural particularities, customs, traditions and ways of life. In San Sebastian you will find people are more reserved, while the “granaínos” of Granada are much more outgoing. Then, of course, you will appreciate the hospitality of the people of Madrid.

With the program of ‘Spanish with Travel Around Spain’ you will have the chance to spend a week, or more time if you wish to, in each of these cities. For example, you could start with the capital Madrid, then move south to Granada and experience the Andalusian traditions, and finish your trip in San Sebastian, in the north of Spain, where you’ll discover the secrets of Basque Country.

Throughout the year TANDEM Spain offers the chance to participate in a program of combined courses among the schools in different Spanish cities where, apart from learning about the culture and the Spanish language, you will have the advantage to enroll for free in every one of the schools.

All our schools have been accredited by the “Instituto Cervantes”, a public institution which internationally certifies the teaching centers of Spanish as a second language, such as ours.

Don’t worry about your Spanish level. All TANDEM schools offer six different levels of Spanish depending on your classification in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and admit students throughout the entire year.

In this program we focus on cultural integration of students through linguistic exchanges with native Spaniards, and a very attractive and complete cultural program carefully selected by each TANDEM school team.

Travel around Spain while you learn Spanish!

  • Schools accredited by the “Instituto Cervantes”.
  • All schools offer 6 different levels of Spanish, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, throughout the year.


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