Tailor-Made Group Course

Tailor-Made Group Course

Tailor-Made Group Course

Apart from our standard Spanish courses for groups, TANDEM Madrid offers Spanish courses customized for groups. These programs are much more flexible and individualized, and they will cover the needs of any group during their stay in a foreign country. All you need to do is tell us what you have planned or what you need in Madrid, and we will make sure we have everything ready for you.

If your group does not have much time, and can get cheaper flights from your city to Madrid by travelling during the week instead of on the weekends, then the customized Mini Estancia program in Madrid is your best option. This program consists of a Spanish course of 3, 4 or 5 days, starting and ending during the week. The course may, for example, start on a Wednesday or Thursday and end Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

This group Spanish course includes not only the learning of Spanish, but also cultural activities allowing the group to get to know the city and Spanish culture. Mornings, students attend Spanish classes to learn the basics of the Spanish language (grammar, vocabulary, idioms and real life conversation), and in the afternoons and on the weekends students participate in different Spanish cultural activities. By visiting museums, taking cultural walks through Madrid and trying their hand at Spanish cuisine, they will learn about the culture and costumes of Spain, and practice their Spanish.

As any other customized program, TANDEM Madrid will adapt our schedules and design every course to suit the requirements of every group–number of students, level of Spanish, ages of the group, type of accommodations, etc.

Check out what previous students have said about the course and join us!

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Book this course

If you need more information or a personalised quote, please contact us providing as much information as possible. Within 24 hours you will receive an answer with a personalised quote.

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