Spanish evening course: 2 days a week

Spanish evening course: 2 days a week

Spanish evening course: 2 days a week

In contrast with the intensive Spanish courses which demand a lot of learning every week, the extensive Spanish courses allow you to improve your Spanish skills in a more relaxed and progressive manner, with fewer class hours and more culturally immersive activities to reinforce the classroom experience.

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday And Thursday

TANDEM Madrid’s ‘Spanish Course of two days a week’ has been designed for foreigners who work or study in Madrid and want to improve their Spanish skills so that they can communicate with their coworkers, colleagues or flat mates in a relaxed atmosphere. The course consists of 2 days a week of communicative classes of 45 minutes each in small groups of 5 to 12 people, with a team of professional and motivated teachers.

This is a perfect course to combine practical Spanish language learning with knowledge of the Spanish culture. The methodology used in these courses reinforces conversation not only with the teacher, but also in the exchange of daily and professional experiences with people from different countries.

This extensive Spanish program offers the perfect balance between the study time necessary for you to be fluent in the language, and the free time to get to know Madrid’s culture and visit the innumerable places of interest the city has to offer, just like the weekend course does.


Spanish evening course: 2 days a week

Starting dateANY DAY OF THE WEEK
Lessons per week4 WEEKS: 16 lessons (4 lessons/week)
DurationMinimum: 4 weeks
LevelsAll levels
Lesson duration45 min
Enrolment fee30€


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If you want to join this course, you’ll need to enroll for a minimum of 4 weeks. During this time you will be taught a total of 16 lessons with which you will be able to acquire enough Spanish proficiency to be able to communicate with Spanish people without any problem. We will focus on grammar, vocabulary and colloquial expressions to make it easier for you to understand the Spanish language and most people.

For you to join this Spanish course of 2 days a week, you do not need a specific proficiency level. However, for all students to join the course with people who have similar proficiency, the center organizes free individualized Spanish level tests. These tests take place from 10:00 to 12:00 M-F, and from 14:00 to 16:00 from M-Thurs.


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4 weeks16 lessons128 Euros
8 weeks32 lessons256 Euros
12 weeks48 lessons372 Euros
16 weeks64 lessons496 Euros
20 weeks80 lessons600 Euros
24 weeks96 lessons720 Euros


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