Language and culture academic semester


Round table of kids learning Spanish

4 months in Madrid – Fall or Spring Semester

  • For Students with a Spanish Major/ Minor or who wish to learn Spanish for additional reasons / 3 Language classes and 2 Elective classes
  • For Complete Beginners or those whose knowledge of Spanish is very basic and wish to concentrate their semester on language learning – from beginners to upper intermediate / 5 language classes
  • For Heritage students who wish to be bilingual in the 4 skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension) / 3 language classes, writing and DELE Official Exam Preparation and 1 optional…

The program is designed for university students who:

  • wish to improve their skills and
  • widen their linguistic and cultural knowledge with a learning experience abroad.
  • at the same time they prefer a relaxed and international environment that enhances communicative and intercultural learning
  • where each student is given individual on-going attention

Proven Spanish language progress

Small language classes with international students

All classes are taught in Spanish

Final grades have USA grade equivalents

Level, placement and tests

Students are sent a placement test to be filled out and returned on-line. This is the level reference.

On arrival, students have a conversation with the Spanish coordinator to verify their level.

Students are grouped according to their abilities and communication skills in Spanish. For the language classes, students are grouped according to their abilities and communication skills in Spanish are placed in multilingual and multinational groups. This creates a real situation where Spanish is the only common language in which to communicate.

Regarding optional classes, students may have variety of levels in the class but each student will be assessed according to their own level of Spanish. It is then the student’s own university who decides if the class is 100, 200, 300 or 400 level class.

For the language classes, there are 5 quizzes (both written and oral) during the semester and a final exam. The oral tests test the communicative competency, comprehension and listening abilities, oral expression and pronunciation. The written exam covers grammar and vocabulary and written expression.

Optional classes are assessed by quizzes, presentations, a final paper/s and final exam. Regarding language class, the entry level is the level in which the student is placed in while the end level will be the one the student has reached by the end of the semester. There are 100, 200, 300 and 400 level courses, depending on the student.

For final evaluations, TANDEM sends the university the students’ final grades (numerical and USA equivalent) as well as an evaluation of each student for both the language and optional courses. This evaluation is a personal profile of the student’s linguistic level upon arrival, a description of the program, his/her final evaluation and a series of recommendations to encourage further learning.


After an initial written and placement level test, students are placed in a language class.

In accordance with the student’s performance, the level of the class will vary during the semester; the objective being that the student progresses as far as possible during the semester.

The language courses are as follows:

  • Initial Spanish 1,2,3,4 100 – 200 level
  • Intermediate Spanish 1,2,3,4 200 – 300 level
  • Advanced Spanish 1,2,3,4 300 – 400 level
  • Perfection of Spanish 3,4 400 – 500 level – bilingual
  • Conversation Initial, Intermediate, Advanced

16 weeks intensive Spanish Language classes with international students

After an initial placement test, once entry level is determined, the student progresses to the highest level of his/her assimilation in the hours allotted in the semester.

10 weeks specialized Spanish Culture classes/optional

Small seminar classes with active student participation and activities, both in and outside the class

  • Spanish Art and Architecture
  • Spanish Literature – Golden Age/ 19th and 20th Century
  • Spanish Current Events and Topics
  • Spanish History
  • Spanish Cinema
  • Spanish Business
  • Cervantes Institute DELE preparation

Class Schedule

  • Language classes – From Monday to Friday – 9.30 – 13.00
  • Electives – From Monday to Thursday – 13.30 – 15.00.
  • Cultural Activities in afternoons or evenings or weekends



  • 16 weeks /1 week holiday
  • Family Homestay – Single room + half Board
  • DATES:
    • SPRING SEMESTER: January to April
    • SUMMER SEMESTER: April to August
    • FALL SEMESTER: August to December


  • 16 weeks of intensive language classes (includes 1-week holiday)
  • Choice of 2 optional courses – 10 weeks of class
  • Orientation Weekend
  • Individualized attention- on-site coordinator, housing coordinator and all
  • Teachers speak English
  • Cultural Activity program – museums, walks, 3 day-outings, cooking class, Weekend trips.
  • Conversation Exchange Partner
  • Monthly transportation pass
  • Accommodation with a Spanish family (private room with breakfast, lunch and dinner) or Residence; student dorm.
  • Cervantes Institute – AVE on-line course or 6 months after leaving


SIELE is “The International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language”, an online evaluation and certification service to test Spanish language ability. It is suitable for students and professionals alike, whose mother tongue is not Spanish and who need to demonstrate their linguistic ability to academic institutions, businesses and public administration.
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