Activity for ELE class: puzzle with direct and indirect object pronouns

pronoun puzzle

To close this first term, we share a puzzle to infer the use of direct and indirect object pronouns.

Instructions: The mixed cards are placed on a table and the students have to compose logical sentences by putting the words together (they should be told to ignore the colours, but to pay attention to the type of letters). Once they have negotiated how to form them, they stick them with bluetack on the blackboard and together they replace the words they think are left over with pronouns (in this case the colours of the cards are important).

This activity is designed for level A2, in accordance with what is set out in the PCIC.

This activity is part of a sequence of activities so you can use it on its own or in context. Below you will find the PDF files with the materials for this class so that you can download and print them. We hope you enjoy them!

Autor: Alicia Colmenero Cerrolaza

Classroom files: pronoun puzzle


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