Au pair in Madrid: all you need to know

au pair Madrid

Learn a new language and culture working as au pair in Madrid

An au pair is a person who decides to spend a certain period of time abroad, where she/ he will be hosted by a local family from the country that will provide her/ him with shelter, food, health insurance and a small payment, so that she/ he can learn about the culture and language of the country they visit.

This is not a formal work contract. Although the person should work as a family member, the main goal of an au pair stay is the exchange of cultures and languages. It is also recommended that the au pair in Madrid attend a language course during this period, allowing her to improve and acquire language skills.

Advantages for au pairs

This is a type of program can not only pay your stay abroad almost completely, but also gives you the opportunity to reach an infrastructure already established with family security and social contacts.

Living with a local family will facilitate the practice and learning of the new language and the culture. This is because you will be forced to understand their lives and adapt yourself within it.

You’ll be acquiring a great work experience. You will learn to unfold yourself abroad and become more fluent in the language, what can give you more advantages when looking for work in any company in the future. Knowing a variety of languages and having experience abroad are now almost a prerequisite for many employers.

Au pair in Madrid

While in Madrid the job of au pair is not official, Spain signed an European placement agreement for au pairs, where people from countries that do not have Spanish as their mother tongue can do their paperwork to travel to Spain for their au pair stay.

The reasons why an au pair stay in Madrid is highly recommended are:

  • Madrid is one of the most interesting cities in Spain. By living with a family and becoming part of their daily routine and language, you will have a great opportunity to experience the Spanish culture as a whole.
  • Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It means a great opportunity to support your professional future.
  • In Madrid now they need au pairs who master different languages like English, German and many other nationalities more.
  • If you come from a EU country you do not need a visa.
  • Madrid has several au pair agencies, giving you the opportunity to come under the shelter of an institution that will guarantee and security.
  • Madrid has wide and high quality educational offer.
  • Since they’ll provide you with work, food and safe shelter, you just have to think about your daily tasks, learn and enjoy.

Getting a job as au pair

If you come a member country of the EU, the first thing to do is this.
1. Make sure your passport is valid and in force.
2. Register at the Municipal Register.
3. Requests the Certificate of Registration of the Union (Central Register of Foreigners).


  • Be between 18 and 30 years old
  • Have as a mother tongue other than the Spanish.
  • Having a basic knowledge of the Spanish language.
  • Being single and childless.
  • Possess health insurance that is valid in Spain.

You need to make sure that you have a contract with the family that will host you. This contract should include the most important agreements regarding payment, work schedule and free time (official au pair contract of the European Agreement).

Health insurance will be covered by the European Health Insurance Card, if you’re European citizen. You must also possess driving license that is valid in Spain.

Spanish course for au pairs

TANDEM Madrid offers an innovative Spanish course for au pairs. It is an extensive course designed in such way that you can learn even if you have a few spare hours a week. You will learn the language so that you find useful in your work as an au pair, as to complement the learning that you naturally get with your family in Spain.


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