8 Reasons to learn Spanish in August in Madrid

summer in Madrid

We’re in the middle of summer, and like every year Madrid is filled with visitors from different countries, tourists and students of Spanish. Although Madrid has no sea, it offers many attractions for those who want to visit it throughout the year, and this month offers some advantages for those who prefer to learn Spanish in August in Madrid.

In this article we propose 8 Reasons you might be interested in choosing your destination to study, but certainly coming here you will find your own reasons to enjoy and return.

1. Quieter City

Madrid is the largest city in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, with more than 6 million people in its metropolitan region. For most of the year, the routine of the city is usually very busy, with lots of traffic and people in the streets. However, August is a month when thousands of inhabitants take their holidays, and travel to other sites, especially to cities of the Spanish coast, some overfilled at this time of year. This leaves a calmer atmosphere, no traffic jams, less noise, less pollution and more convenience when parking, moving around or visiting monuments.

2. More foreigners

If on one hand a huge number of locals leave the city, on the other a greater number of tourists visit us. The flow of tourists makes Madrid one of the richest places for cultural exchange, because it is a point of connection between different countries in Europe and Latin America. This allows travelers to interact with thousands of people from different backgrounds and learn, share and practice different languages and cultures.

3. Madrid never stops!

Madrid offers cultural options throughout the summer: concerts, theater, dance, exhibitions … Madrid has it all when it comes to entertainment linked to art. In August events here are still as active as the rest of the year, and there are better conditions to enjoy them due to the lower agglomeration of people.

4. Celebrations and festivals

In August are held the festivals of La Paloma, San Cayetano and San Lorenzo, filling the streets of the neighborhoods of La Latina, Lavapies and Ambassadors of people enjoying the activities offered, food and drinks on the street. They are accompanied by several concerts, including famous artists of the national scene. An excellent complement to the vibrant nightlife of the capital.

fiesta de La Paloma Madrid

5. Good weather

Madrid in summer will surprise you by its blue sky and its unique luminosity, despite the intense heat caused by the scorching sun during the day. However, the weather is dry during this time, and many nights are cool and pleasant, with a wind sometimes gentle, sometimes intense, inviting you to an evening stroll. Therefore, most of the activities take place at the end of the afternoon and evening, when the atmosphere is more bearable. And many of these activities are outdoors, with movies, concerts and other shows.

6. Travel to other cities

Traveling from Madrid to anywhere else in the country is very simple, because of its excellent transport infrastructure and its central position in the Iberian Peninsula. Any destination can be reached quickly by air, road or rail (including one of the world’s largest networks of high speed trains). This makes it possible to study in Madrid and visit many other places in Spain during the same stay, including one-day excursions.

7. A great city for shopping

Many people who visit the city are attracted by its extensive options of shops of all kinds, including the most prestigious brands in the world. On the one hand, luxury is available in stores such as those settled in the famous Salamanca district, or outlets on the suburbs of the city, like Las Rozas Village. On the other, it is a time of sales (“rebajas”), and you can find products at very low prices throughout the city, with discounts that can reach 80%.

8. New summer residence

TANDEM now has an excellent summer university residence, which offers some additional amenities to enjoy your trip and make more friends. It is located in an area of Ciudad Universitaria (Moncloa District) and offers:

  • Well maintained facilities (pool, gym, sports areas, study rooms, wireless in common areas). It includes a dining room with three daily meals, according to your dietary requirements (vegetarian, diabetic, etc.)
  • Perfect location, near the “Metropolitan” station.
  • Variety of bus lines.
  • Rooms with bathroom, desk, closet, safe and Wifi.

Residencia universitaria de verano TANDEM 1 Residencia universitaria de verano TANDEM 6 Residencia universitaria de verano TANDEM 4 Residencia universitaria de verano TANDEM 3

August has just begun, and Madrid will still reserve many surprises. Go ahead and come to study Spanish in August with us this summer!


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