Classroom Activities: Newsletter group B2, April 2016

Group B2 April 2016

Last week we carried out an activity in class with the students of which all the teachers, students and staff of TANDEM are very proud. We did a full newsletter about activities at school with the Spanish B2 group: Henry Butler, Rebeca Le More, Sandra, Emilia Kitsiou, and Sabin Ray, supervised by teacher Susana Molina.

At first it may seem trivial and commonplace, but if we look at the work they have done in PDF, we realise the amazing quality of the work, and the professional way in which they have presented the texts and the format of the file.

View Group B2 newsletter in PDF

It was a lot of work, which took a whole morning of classes, but it was worth it. Thanks to this work we have been able to exercise not only the Spanish language, but also the group work, the writing skills of each one, as well as the knowledge acquired in the different activities carried out by the students and which were described in this work.

We recommend that you read the entire work, which is well worth your time. However, here is a brief summary of the content of the text:

  • Learning in Conversation: The Exchange Programme – A short overview of what the TANDEM exchange programme is all about, with a short interview with student Christina Authén, who participates in the programme, and the upcoming activities of this event.
  • Artistic Excursion to learn Spanish – Narration of the visit of 3 students of the teacher Francisco Fuentes Rubio to the CaixaForum museum for the temporary exhibition “Miró and the Object”.
  • Dance with me! – Student Henry Butler will give a Salsa class at TANDEM Madrid. See more details of the event.
  • Book recommendation – Each student has suggested one of their favourite books to be evaluated in class. Similar to other activities we have already carried out, such as the one we did in March.
  • Coffee and news – A summary of the weekly event led by Professor Queralt in the framework of our TANDEM Cultural Programme. See details of the event.
  • Madrid Barrio a Barrio – Another event of the TANDEM Cultural Programme that we carry out periodically. In this edition, the group visited the Rastro in La Latina.
  • Group experience at TANDEM Madrid – finally, the students of the group tell us about their experience at the school, which is always very important for us, as it allows us to improve our work every day.

Congratulations to Henry Butler, Rebeca Le More, Sandra, Emilia Kitsiou, Sabin Ray and Susana Molina!


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