TANDEM Madrid receives the FECEI Top 2019 / 2020 award for Corporate Social Responsibility

TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid has received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the 6th edition of the FECEI Top Awards, promoted by Federación Española de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas) and ACADE (Asociación de Centros Autónomos de Enseñanza Privada). “Volunteering in India, an inspiration for language schools” is the name of the award-winning project.

FECEI Top Awards 2019/2020 - The award

The FECEI Top awards have been held since 2015 and are a commitment by FECEI and ACADE to promote good practices among its member schools and academies. They consist of the categories:

Innovation, Good Methodology/Customer Satisfaction, Benefits for the Industry, Career Paths, People Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility, the award obtained by TANDEM.

As FECEI explains on its website, the Corporate Social Responsibility award is dedicated to “schools that have done something good for the community that goes beyond the scope of their own business. It is a more ambitious program that has succeeded in doing good for the community as a whole”.

“https://www.tandemmadrid.com/”FECEI Awards 2019/2020 – group”

In 2018, our director Begoña Llovet embarked as a volunteer on an exciting educational project of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur, South India. For four months she worked selflessly as a German teacher at the Foundation’s Professional School of Languages.

This initiative also meant the implementation of some of the most important values for TANDEM, such as solidarity, social commitment and the union of cultures through languages. Begoña went to India but the school team collaborated with her from Madrid and continued with her work in the school, with her partner and co-director, Matilde Cerrolaza, in charge of the school.

FECEI Awards 2019/2020 - Begoña Llovet

The Klett publishing house deserves a special mention since they sent German manuals to Anantapur so that the beneficiaries of the project could have their own books, something that had never happened before at the Foundation’s Professional School of Languages.

This is the video of the project:

The recognition of FECEI/ ACADE for the work of Begoña and TANDEM Madrid complements the satisfaction that the project in India already gave us, and serves as an inspiration and example so that other language schools can follow the same path, contributing to society with their to improve the living conditions of other people.

Congratulations to Begoña and the entire TANDEM Madrid team for this award.

See video of the awards ceremony:

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