Micro-stories Spanish group C1, September 2016

Susana Molina Gómez, teacher at TANDEM Madrid By Susana Molina, teacher at TANDEM Madrid

This week in our C1 group we have been working on our creativity and we have discovered that our students love writing. It all started with some micro-stories from the book Theme to Theme C:

“Aquel hombre era invisible, pero nadie se percató de ello”, “The man was invisible, but no one noticed,” García Márquez

“Hay novelas que aun sin ser largas no logran comenzar de verdad hasta la página 50 o la 60. A algunas vidas les sucede lo mismo. Por eso no me he matado antes, señor juez”. “There are novels that, even if they are not long, don’t really get started until page 50 or 60. That’s why I haven’t killed myself before, Judge”.Juan José Millás.

…And he followed with worksheets to work on verbs with prepositions:

short stories, 09/2016, preposition micro-stories, 09/2016, preposition micro-stories, 09/2016, preposition

And this is the result of the micro-stories!

YO CON ÉL, Cristina Moroncini y Verena Cavelius. I WITH HIM, Cristina Moroncini and Verena Cavelius.
I meet him,
I am enthusiastic about it,
I dream about him
And I marry him.
His thoughts do not coincide with mine,
His behaviour does not go well with my values,
His life is not connected to mine,
And then…
I get angry with him…
to reconcile with him!

VOLANDO / FLYING, Cristina Moroncini.
I looked at the butterfly and flew away into the blue sky. Behind the clouds my shadow also flew and invited the shadows of the clouds to have fun doing the same. They were happy about it and didn’t realise that they had forgotten to dress up as stars. They all looked at the Earth and as the bike passed by, the butterfly smiled.

LA DECISIÓN/ THE DECISION, Cristina Moroncini.
He decided to give up everything to dedicate himself to his life.
I didn’t want to succumb to the pain,
He preferred to play ball,
Going to new places,
Turn to new roles
Connecting to all seas
Facing up to others
And get used to never dying.

If you ask me how old I am, I won’t answer.
If you care about my health, I don’t understand you.
And if you ask me to be characterised by my joy, I accept that!

He was characterised by his intense gaze, he always asked about the sea, he said he had never seen it and he also worried about how the fish were made.


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