TANDEM International Plenary Session in San Sebastian

TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid participated a week ago in San Sebastian in the plenary meeting of TANDEM International, the association to which TANDEM® schools belong.

International TANDEM

There are TANDEM® schools in Europe (Spain, Germany, Italy, France) and in Latin America (Chile, Argentina and Montevideo). We are a network of independent and quality schools, which collaborate by advertising together and exchanging teachers, participating together in European projects, giving each other scholarships, etc.




It was a very nice meeting, where we talked about our current situation, about strategies to make us more visible, our new website, etc. The atmosphere was very good and we had the opportunity to walk around San Sebastian, a wonderful city, with quite good weather for this time of the year.

We were able to enjoy the Basque gastronomy and participate in a workshop for
learning how to make pintxos. We had a great time.


plenary-tandem-nov14- spikes


A great weekend!


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