TANDEM Language Exchanges in May 2017

Language exchange at The Traveller Madrid, May 2017At TANDEM Madrid we are very happy to put people interested in learning languages and getting to know other cultures in contact with each other, that’s why our exchange programme reaches more people every day. Language ExchangesYou will receive an invitation to our monthly events where we try to have fun and make friends. If you haven’t participated yet, pay attention to the events section of our website because we will be holding the next one on 8 June.

Testimonials on exchanges

Apart from these meetings, we also want many people to be able to enjoy the experience of having a tandem, a personal exchange with a person with whom they can meet regularly and share languages. Many tandem couples are up and running and working very well. We would like to share two testimonials from some of our students, the first one is from Sebastian, a German student who is learning Spanish at TANDEM and who has been sharing a tandem partner with Daniel for a few months now:

testimonial by Sebastian, TANDEM language exchanges“For several weeks now I have been meeting regularly with a Spaniard who lived in Germany for a few years. We talk in Spanish and German about our life, politics and other things that interest us. We are very happy about these meetings because we learn a lot about another country and at the same time improve our knowledge of the language. Through the questions of the other person, we think and find out about our own country. It is very nice that the TANDEM institution has brought us together.

And in video, Sophie (France) and Bea (Spain) give us their testimony from a beach in Mallorca, where they have gone for a weekend to enjoy the tandem.”https://www.youtube.com/watch? title=”Testimony of Sophie and Bea”]Sebastian, Sophie and Bea, like many others, also participate in the monthly exchange meetings, so they take advantage of all the opportunities that TANDEM offers to be always UNITED BY LANGUAGES and enjoy the pleasure of learning. You can also follow us through the Meet Up platform, where we already have more than 700 followers and where you can also keep up to date with our events.

We look forward to seeing you at the next TANDEM Madrid language exchange.


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