Teacher training course 2016 begins at TANDEM

Silvia and Victor, ELE teacher training

A new ELE teacher training course is starting at TANDEM and we would like to welcome Silvia and Víctor, who will be with us for the next three months. We are sure that you will become great professionals in Spanish language teaching!

TANDEM Madrid has always been closely linked to teacher training. With more than 20 years of experience in the training of teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, we try to transmit our humanistic approach to professionals in the sector, and to disseminate the human and social aspects that constitute our core values.

We work to ensure that the training of ELE teachers is as complete as possible, and that these teachers can transmit this same experience to their own students, so that their learning is as fun, effective and satisfactory as possible, wherever they are. For this we use innovative techniques such as suggestionpedia / super learning, in a dynamic and creative environment.

And you, haven’t you got your spot yet? would you like to acquire the necessary knowledge and practice to become a good ELE teacher? At TANDEM we are interested in transmitting a highly creative, innovative, emotionally intelligent and effective approach to the next generation of Spanish teachers. Are you in?

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