Testimonial of Rocio Buzo, Illinois College, USA

Rocio Buzo from Illinois College, USA, at Puerta de Alcala

Every time we receive a new testimonial from former students, we remember our purposes for all we do in Tandem, and that each new encounter is also a new experience for us.

Our study abroad programs give us new opportunities to live many of these beautiful stories together with our students, and also to strengthen the relationships with our associated universities.

This time we have the testimonial of Rocio Buzo, who came to Madrid for an international program from the Illinois College, Jacksonville, USA. Rocio is also a teacher, like many of us in Tandem, and also understands perfectly what the time we spend with our students mean for us. Moreover, we share many values with Illinois College, and it each new visit from their students or teachers becomes a perfect tandem.


Rocio Buzo from Illinois College, USA, at Puerta del Sol

There are experiences that occur in your life for a reason. Experiences that help you grow and explore more of what the world has to offer. For me, Tandem was one of those experiences that helped me grow as an individual, understand, and explore the world of Madrid. It reminded me of the reason why I decided to go into teaching and how much a single teacher can impact a student’s life; and that’s exactly what the teachers at Tandem do. The teachers at Tandem stay side by side with the students, making sure that by the end of the day you understand more about the Spanish language and culture. Not only do the teachers at Tandem help you learn more about the language and culture, they so help you experience it for yourself. For me, Tandem was like a second home. I always felt welcomed, motivated and eager to learn more about the city of Madrid.

Rocío Buzo

Chi Beta Literary Society Vice President
Illinois College, 2015

Thanks, Rocio! We hope to see you back here again soon.


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