Testimonial: Tina and Maria’s TANDEM Exchange, June 2019

Tina from Germany and Maria from Madrid have been a “TANDEM couple” for several months. TANDEM exchanges are a trademark of our school, and are part of our way of understanding language learning.

Let’s see what these TANDEM language learning partners share with us about their exchange:

– Hi! I am Tina, I am 24 years old and thanks to the TANDEM International school in Madrid I had the opportunity to meet my TANDEM partner who is Maria.
María: Hi!
Tina: And we have had some very special moments. Thanks to María who has taught me so many things in Madrid, as we are now here in the Casa de Campo enjoying a very nice day.
María: Yes, it is a very welcome opportunity to learn a language through the TANDEM system. I’ve learned a lot with Tina, I’ve had moments of laughter, we’ve learned things about each other, about our culture. This system allows us to freely choose the timetable and is frankly interesting. We recommend it.
Tina: Yes, definitely. It has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience, really.
María: (nods) that’s right.
Tina: So, we would like to thank again TANDEM Escuela Internacional for organising our exchange, thank you again.
María: Thanks!


TANDEM exchanges give language learners from all over the world the opportunity to progress in their target language through language exchanges with a native speaker of the target language.

Through shifts with previously agreed time slots, students communicate in their foreign language and are tutored by their TANDEM partner, they choose the topic of their conversations and discover another culture while sharing their own in a fun and entertaining way, which goes far beyond the simple exchange of words, allowing them to create bonds between languages and cultures.



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