Spanish Course for Au pairs and Erasmus – mornings

Spanish Course for Au pairs and Erasmus – mornings

Spanish Course for Au pairs and Erasmus – mornings

Do you work in Madrid as an Au Pair? Have you been admitted into one of the universities of Madrid as an Erasmus student or as a part of another exchange program? Are you so busy during the week you cannot find time to learn Spanish, but still want to improve your language skills soon? If the answer is yes, then the ‘Spanish Course for Au Pairs’ might be a perfect fit for you.

This extensive course has been designed for you to learn the language even if you don’t have much time during the week; this is generally the case for Au Pairs, who usually work around 30 hours a week taking care of a Spanish family’s children, and have only 1 or 2 free days a week. If you work as a babysitter in the afternoons, then you have free time in the mornings to attend lessons to improve your Spanish skills.

In these classes you will work on all the aspects of the Spanish language such as pronunciation, grammar, conversation, and vocabulary, among others. Tandem Madrid focuses on real-life situations which you might encounter such us talking with children or their parents. The program offers everything necessary for you to reach the level of proficiency you need for your duties as an Au Pair, and it will complete the learning you’ve naturally obtained by living and talking with the family members you work for in Madrid.


Spanish Course for au pairs and Erasmus – mornings

Starting dateEvery Tuesday and Thursday
Lessons per week4 WEEKS : 16 lessons (4 lessons/week)
DurationMinimum: 4 weeks
LevelsAll levels (9levels)
Timetable11.30 a 13.00
Lesson duration45 min
Enrolment fee30€


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This program consists of 4 classes a week of 45 minutes each, 2 days a week and it is not limited just to Au Pairs. Erasmus or other international exchange students and other people who don’t have much time to learn Spanish during the week will also find a good ally in this course, since allows them to combine their job and studies with flexible and efficient Spanish classes. This will help them easily integrate into the city and with the Spanish people of Madrid.

This program offers basic knowledge of the language, which is fundamental for any foreign student. Additionally, apart from in-class teaching in small groups of 5 to 12 students, there will be culturally immersive activities such as visiting museums, sampling Spanish cuisine, touring historically emblematic streets and buildings of Madrid including UNESCO World Heritage sites, and nights out on the town for you to fully experience this world famous city.

The ‘Spanish Course for Au Pairs’ and Erasmus admits students with any level of Spanish knowledge and offers individualized and free proficiency-level tests so we can correctly place you. You can take these tests mornings, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00, or in the afternoons, Monday to Thursday, from 14:00 to 16:00.

Read more about working as au pair in Madrid.



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4 weeks16 lessons128 Euros
8 weeks32 lessons256 Euros
12 weeks48 lessons372 Euros
16 weeks64 lessons496 Euros
20 weeks80 lessons600 Euros
24 weeks96 lessons720 Euros


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