Language sector events, January 2017

meeting Instituto Cervantes January 2017 (header)

During the month of January 2017, TANDEM Madrid has participated in two important meetings of professionals in the language teaching sector. These events allow us to keep up to date with new developments and advances in the market, while at the same time contributing our experience to improve the services provided to all the students who come to Spain each year.

TANDEM Madrid attended both events, represented by its Director Begoña Llovet and Spanish Marketing Manager Mercedes Guerrero. TANDEM Madrid always supports with its presence and participation all the actions of Public Institutions and especially those of the Instituto Cervantes and Fedele España y Madrid, of which it is a member.

The 2nd Annual Meeting of DELE and CCSE Examination Centres

On 31 January 2017, some 200 managers from around 120 examination centres met DELE and CCSE at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes, in Madrid, to learn about the improvements that the Institute is introducing in the management of the DELE diploma and the CCSE test.

Throughout the day, representatives of schools in Spain discussed and analysed the modernisation proposed by the Institute in order to make examinations faster and more efficient.

The sessions were led by Jacinto Aramendi, Director of Communication and Promotion at the Instituto Cervantes, Carmen Pastor, Deputy Director of Academics, and Philippe Robertet, Deputy Director of Analysis and Strategy, and coordinator of the “Nationality Project”.

The proposed modernisations concern the identification of candidates with foreign names and different alphabets, the procedure for contacting them or the exemptions provided for by the Ministry of Justice.

Plans are already underway this year to build the new “ADAN” platform, which will handle both types of exams.

They also presented the latest developments in registration and management, marking calendars, attention to possible complaints or incidents, the role of examination centres and communication channels with Cervantes, among many other issues.

1st Conference on Language Tourism in the Community of Madrid

El pasado 2 de febrero se celebraron en la sede del Instituto Cervantes de Madrid las I Jornadas de Turismo Idiomático de la Comunidad de Madrid. Under the slogan “Madrid feels in Spanish”, the event was organised by the Community of Madrid in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute and the Spanish Platform. At the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute itself, operators, companies and training centres in the area of Spanish language teaching and language tourism, representatives of the destinations with the greatest potential for development in this area, and public institutions involved, debated and exchanged experiences about this type of tourism and the map of possibilities it offers.

The programme featured two key events:
1) An inaugural round table, in which the institutions will present data on Spanish in the Community of Madrid and in which the Cervantes Institute, the Spanish Platform and the Office of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid will participate.

2) A round table on good practices and successful experiences in the Community of Madrid, with the participation of representatives from the University of Alcalá and FEDELE Madrid, among others.

meeting Instituto Cervantes January 2017


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