Learn Spanish while traveling around Spain

Have you been thinking for a long time about learning the language of Cervantes and you would like to discover the most beautiful cities of Spain?

We have good news for you: it’s possible to do both. It is common during language immersion trips for students to spend one or more weeks in a single city and at the end of their course to travel around the country on their own. However, it is now possible to learn Spanish while traveling around Spain.

Taking a language course in the destination country is a unique way to learn the language while immersing in the Spanish culture. Students not only take classes with a small number of students, but they get their learning opportunities enhanced thanks to classes based in the communicative approach and the task-based approach.

In addition to the customized classroom environment, activities and exercises are based on real, everyday Spanish. They will put Spanish into practice through interesting activities designed to improve all their linguistic communication skills. And the best thing is, students are not studying the language, but living it. After class, they have endless opportunities to practice with local people what they’ve learned in class, and that leads for sure to lots of funny encounters and anecdotes to share the next day with classmates!

Friends laughingThe cities that allow students to enjoy learning Spanish and traveling in Spain, in schools belonging to TANDEM International network, are Madrid, Granada, San Sebastian, and Barcelona. It is no coincidence that these three beautiful Spanish cities were chosen. Not only they are some of the best known and most interesting tourist destinations in Spain but each of them encloses many differences that make visitors see the great plurality and diversity of Spain.

At any time of the year and with the opportunity to spend at least one week (or more) in each city. Students may, for example, start in Madrid and enjoy its impressive buildings and facades, its Retiro Park and Debod Temple, its always lively Puerta del Sol, go shopping on Gran Vía street, get to know typical markets such as San Miguel and end up having a drink in Chueca or Malasaña.

Then, move on to learn Spanish to the south, to beautiful Granada, a historic city with an Arab past that preserves all its architectural jewels. All this with a lively university atmosphere present in every tapas bar.

Barcelona, SpainThen, students may continue their trip to Barcelona, the city of the renowned architect Gaudí, and enjoy its cosmopolitan atmosphere and wonderful beaches.

And to end, what better way than doing it in the north region, in the Basque town of San Sebastián. San Sebastián has the green color, blue sky and infinite beaches that delight all locals and visitors. The students are always fascinated by their pintxos (kind of tapas), the kindness of its peoples and dreamy landscapes.

Students who wish to learn Spanish do not have to worry about their level as they can choose between six different levels of Spanish. In addition to learning Spanish and exploring part of Spain, students have the opportunity to fully integrate into the culture through language exchanges with native speakers and an extensive cultural program with many activities carefully chosen for them to live an unforgettable experience.

“Do you want to learn Spanish while traveling around Spain?” “Get to know Spain in a different way”

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