Spanish teacher, a career with many job opportunities

Spanish is present in the world. That is what the annual figures of the report published by the Instituto Cervantes show. Instituto Cervantes is the most important institution responsible for spreading and promoting the Spanish language throughout the world. According to their report of 2018, there are more than 577 million Spanish speakers, 480 of whom are native speakers.

This makes Spanish the second most widely spoken language by native speakers after Chinese. Spanish language is studied by almost 22 million people in 107 countries and is the third most widely used language on the Internet.

All these data and many others published make it clear that the Spanish language has achieved maximum importance internationally and it is only going to increase. So much so that China is thinking about establishing compulsory Spanish classes in schools just as English. In fact, for several years now, a pilot program is being carried out in Beijing in which the students have Spanish classes twice a week.

And what is happening with this boom in Hispanic language and culture? More and more people want to learn Spanish and therefore, there are increasing vacancies for Spanish teachers all over the world. According to UNESCO, 69 million new teachers will be needed to meet the educational goals set for 2030.

One of the things that academies and schools value the most is that the future teacher is a native speaker of the language, so good news for all native Spanish speakers!

Teacher and students in the classroomFor non-native speakers, they don’t have to worry too much, as more and more schools offer training in Spanish as a Foreign Language for non-native teachers.

Why choose to become an SFL teacher?

We have already talked about the very high levels of employability for Spanish teachers in almost any country in the world. As we can imagine, many of the vacancies for teachers of SFL are abroad. Some of the countries that offer more positions are:

United States: Spanish is the second most studied language and already has practically the same status as an official language in some states.

China and Japan: relations with foreign trade and economic reasons have led the Chinese government to periodically publish offers for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. In Japan, a country closely linked to Hispanic culture and the second home of flamenco, students can choose to study Spanish in both basic and higher education.

Brazil: In Brazil, Spanish is the second most studied language after English. Although the federal law on compulsory teaching of Spanish in schools was repealed in 2016, some states still maintain Spanish in schools.

Finally, other countries such as Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, France, and the Philippines are increasingly promoting the teaching of Spanish among their fellow citizens.

Hombre saltandoAll these countries promise true life experiences, leaving our comfort zone, learning new languages and getting to know new cultures.

Being an SFL teacher not only allows you to get to know another country from something as unique as their educational system, but also allows you to get to know the rest of its institutions more closely, working side by side with professionals from the same sector who share the same interests…

A life-changing experience to bring back home. Spanish companies are also increasingly aware of what an international curriculum provides and do not hesitate to hire first those with an international background.

For those who at this point are already convinced of being SFL teachers, they should not forget that in order to be teachers they must have previously trained with an initiation course in Spanish as a Foreign Language, taught in an accredited school and which offers the students all the guarantees to make the most out of their potential.

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