Courses "Spanish and a Passion"

“I think that the consciousness of passion makes you act very different” ~ Pedro Almodóvar

Join our “Spanish and a Passion” courses, ideal for seniors and those who want to live authentic experiences: Spanish and a Passion for Art, for Almodóvar’s cinema, for Wine, for Flamenco, for Fashion, for Gourmet cooking for Cool Neighbourhoods…

Visit Madrid and learn Spanish while accompanied by experts and hosted in exclusive apartments.

Open to seniors, families, couples and friends who want to have an authentic “madrileño” experience.

1 or 2 daily private activities (such as wine tasting, winery visits, museums, walks in nature, gourmet experiences, etc.), with local experts and a program tailor made for you.

There are many reasons to do things in life, but only one makes you live it to the full: do them for passion. Because things you do for passion not even need a reason, sometimes you do simply because you love. When you are passionate about something, you can be all the time thinking about it, even when you do other things. It’s something that moves you, drives you forward, no matter what obstacles you can find on your way to achieve your dreams. And it inspires you to wish, create, to work and learn what you need to get it.

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