Courses “Spanish and a passion”

Courses Spanish and a passion

“I think that the consciousness of passion makes you act very different”
~ Pedro Almodóvar

There are many reasons to do things in life, but only one makes you live it to the full: do them for passion. Because things you do for passion not even need a reason, sometimes you do simply because you love. When you are passionate about something, you can be all the time thinking about it, even when you do other things. It’s something that moves you, drives you forward, no matter what obstacles you can find on your way to achieve your dreams. And it inspires you to wish, create, to work and learn what you need to get it.

When several things that you are passionate about come together, the experience can be even more intense. If you are passionate about learning languages and also about art, gastronomy and Spanish culture, this series of courses “Spanish and a passion” will help you discover a learning process fun, effective and rich in sensations for the body and spirit. You will learn Spanish with the specific vocabulary of each subject, while you participate in first person in every aspect of Spanish culture that you have chosen to know.

Discover Madrid in a way you’ve never done before. Visit its most interesting neighborhoods, with sumptuous museums and charming small museums. Delve into the colorful world of the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. Learn to taste exquisite wines, immerse yourself in the aromas and flavors of Spanish cuisine and get seduced by the warmth of flamenco, in the evenings and days plenty of life in the capital of Spain.

In addition to the knowledge you have acquired, the friends you have done and the good times you’ve lived, you will bring back many memories. Let all them awake your passion for living even more!

Courses “Spanish and a passion”

Spanish and a Passion for Almodovar Cinema
At the tender age of 17, Pedro Almodóvar left his home town of Calzada de Calatrava for Madrid. His evolution as a person and an artist is linked to this city; in fact, he treats it as yet another character in his movies and has masterfully portrayed its transformation in recent decades in his films. […]
Spanish and a Passion for Flamenco
Madrid is the Flamenco capital. It is the hub of the flamenco music industry and the departure point for dancers and musicians who travel the world delighting audiences with their performances. Wherever you come from, through our Spanish and a Passion for Flamenco program, you will learn to love our most universal form of musical […]
Spanish and a Passion for Wine
Madrid boasts a magnificent selection of “Designation of Origin” wines and wineries, as well as specialised bars and restaurants that offer wine tastings. Spanish and a Passion for Wine is a special program that includes the study of the Spanish language and the wine culture of Spain. Spanish and a Passion for Wine Starting dates […]
Spanish and a Passion for Art
Madrid is one of the world’s great cultural centres. We have designed a program that will enable you to discover some of the specific and often little-known aspects of our great museums. Experiencing the Spanish and a Passion for Art course, you will learn Spanish while visiting 3 of the finest museums in the world:  […]
Spanish and a Passion for Gourmet Cooking
“Gazpacho is the best cold soup in the world” Ferrán Adrià   In Spain, Gastronomy is written in capital letters. In the last few years, the whole world has been talking about Spanish Gastronomy, and some global experts consider it a world leader for its creativity, innovative capacity, diversity and vitality. Every year Madrid Fusion, […]

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