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  1. Learn the basics about the Spanish alphabet. We’ll be releasing other lessons about phonetics in the future to improve your comprehension of this matter. A few things to note about […]
  2. Greetings in Spanish are pretty much alike many other languages, including English. Usually people will always say they’re fine if you are not well acquainted, even if they’re not ok. […]
  3. Where are you from? ¿De dónde eres? Learn how to answer this question in Spanish Hello again! Today we are going to learn how to ask for personal details, such […]
  4. Looking for a job? In this lesson we’re going to learn a little about professions in Spanish language. Before continuing, please check the previous lesson on articles in Spanish. Following […]
  5. Verbs in Spanish are similar to English verbs in some aspects, but they’re very different in most aspects. As they are a core element in all languages and a very […]
  6. In this lesson we will learn about possessive adjectives, that are very important elements in all languages. In order to make it more enjoyable, we’ll practice this topic through the […]
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