Special Spanish courses

Among the many factors that make TANDEM Spanish school unique in its sector, is its ability to innovate and create different things that stimulates the Spanish learning and make people to have experiences equaly unique and special. We give a great importance to knowledge of Spanish and and Latin American’s culture, as an inseparable part of understanding the language.

For this reason, we created a series of cutting-edge special Spanish courses that combine art, tourism and new technologies in order to increase understanding of the language and Spanish culture at the same time that we provide students with an enriching and memorable stay with us:

  • Spanish course traveling by Spain: through this course, students can take a course with other TANDEM schools in other Spanish cities within the same stay. With the added bonus of not having to pay enrollment fees in other cities you choose.
  • Spanish Online AVE: or Aula Virtual de Español (Spanish Virtual Classroom) is an educational environment on the Internet created by the Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with TANDEM where we can learn Spanish without having to attend a classroom. A good starting point to do a Spanish course in Madrid later.
  • Long-term Course: offers the same features as a short intensive course, but for stays longer than six months. It is very useful, for example, for young people who want to deepen their Spanish to go to a university in Spain.
  • Super Learning Spanish Course: a revolutionary method based on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Suggestopedia, able to deliver learning results quickly and in a more pleasant way.

Spanish and a passion

  • Spanish with passion for gourmet cooking: it brings the best of Spanish cuisine along with a deep understanding of related language and vocabulary.
  • Spanish with passion for art: Madrid is one of the most important cities for the art in the world, hosting great museums with works by some of the greatest artists of all time. With this course you can learn Spanish art while learning the language.
  • Spanish with Passion for Small Museums: in addition to major museums such as the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen, Madrid hides amazing museums that often go unnoticed by their size, but they’re enchanting by the masterpieces they hold.
  • Spanish with passion for flamenco: Madrid is considered the world’s capital of flamenco as the center which brings together most of the production of this artistic genre. Learn Spanish while you immerse yourself in this authentic form of Spanish art.
  • Spanish with passion for wine: for wine lovers, nothing better than doing a Spanish course while participating in visits to wineries and tasting sessions.
  • Spanish with passion for Almodovar’s cinema: a course that allows you to learn Spanish at the same time you discover Madrid through the films of this brilliant filmmaker.
  • Spanish and a Passion for Cool Madrid Neighbourhoods: discover the unique personality of some of the most amazing neighborhoods of Spain’s capital with this special course created for lovers of the urban.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

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