5 reasons to take the TANDEM Madrid Spanish Course for Au- Pairs


Although the most popular destinations to work as an Au-pair are Ireland, England, and the United States, more and more young people between the ages of 18 and 30 are choosing to work as Au-pairs in Spain due to the great advantages that the Spanish language offers for their academic and professional future.

A stay in which, in addition to taking care of the children and helping with the household chores, they have the chance to feel like a member of the family, get to know the lifestyle of the city they are staying and learn some Spanish. However, if you really want to make the most of your stay in Spain and add the Spanish language to your CV, it is best to enroll in a Spanish course. Here are five good reasons to take a Spanish course for Au-Pairs in Madrid.

1. You will communicate faster in Spanish

Although it may sound obvious, enrolling in a Spanish course for Au-Pairs is the quickest and most effective way to start speaking Spanish. A knowledge that will be very useful when communicating with the Spanish family with whom you work as an Au-pair and that will also help you to learn more about Spanish culture and Spaniards. For example, tasks such as shopping, going to the doctor with the family’s children or getting around by public transport in Madrid will be much easier with a basic knowledge of Spanish like the one we teach you at TANDEM.

2. You will be able to make friends and create bonds forever.

Although you will have a new family to live with when you arrive in Madrid, you will probably miss your friends as well. Your Spanish classes for Au-Pairs at TANDEM will allow you to get to know other people in our situation and age with whom you will be able to make friends and make plans in the city when you finish your classes or with whom you will be able to participate in the activities of the TANDEM cultural program. You will surely create bonds with the people with whom you share this life experience that will last a lifetime.Friends

3. You will take advantage of your free time by learning Spanish.

The main advantage of this program is that it is designed so you can make the most of your free time. That’s why classes take place in the mornings when the children of the family are in kindergarten, school or high school and don’t need anyone to take care of them. Combining those school hours with your Spanish classes at TANDEM will help you be more entertained and improve your Spanish skills with just 2 days a week of Spanish classes.

4. You will learn real Spanish

Like other Spanish courses, the classes approach the Spanish language from all its perspectives: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation, but paying special attention to real-life situations that any Au-Pair may encounter during their stay in Madrid, such as how to communicate effectively with children so that they can follow your instructions and you can understand their needs. Our classes are deeply communicative so that Spanish flows through your veins and your tongue from day one.

5. Improve your employment options

As being an Au-Pair is a job, you can also add to your work experience your stay in Madrid with a Spanish family. Many companies value candidates who have been Au-Pairs because, in addition to languages, when working with children they also acquire other skills such as patience, the ability to adapt to change, conflict resolution and negotiation or teamwork. By attending classes, the knowledge of Spanish that you will acquire will be much more solid than the knowledge that you would obtain only through conversations with your Spanish family, something that companies will value very positively and that will help you to stand out from other aspirants.

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Need more reasons to join our Spanish course for Au-Pairs?”Do you want to learn Spanish before you start working as an Au-Pair?” “At TANDEM Madrid we prepare you so that you can communicate in Spanish with your host family as soon as you arrive in the city.”


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