Spanish Culture

The reasons to learn a foreign language may be fostered by many others, and art is usually the perfect complement to any.

A country is made up of its language and culture, both reflect into each other and are inherent parts of a whole.

Sharing a language is sharing a collective memory where a boundless plurality appears, creating codes, spaces and conducts.

The Spanish culture is a melting pot that gathers and absorbs traditions of the different settlers that have passed through the territory throughout centuries. These peoples have left their mark in many areas, in the habits of everyday life, gastronomy, literature, politics and art in general.

In this section of Spanish culture we invite you to discover the origin and development of the multiple fields that shape it and which we hope will bring you a little closer to our language and identity.

Spanish Art

Spanish art is internationally recognised for its variety and quality. The world echoes personalities such as Salvador Dali and the surrealists, Pablo Picasso and Cubism, Miguel de Cervantes and his Quixote or Federico Garcia Lorca with plays such as Bodas de Sangre or La Casa de Bernarda Alba….

Spanish Gastronomy

Who hasn’t ever checked a cooking blog? If your answer to this question is “me” and also …

Sports in Spain

Today we want you to learn Spanish through sports, a stimulating challenge that you will face through different …

Spanish Traditions

How much do we value what our grandparents, great-grandparents or even our own parents taught us?…

Spanish Geopolitics

Geopolitics refers to the life and history of peoples in relation to the geographical territory they occupy, the factors …

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