Begoña Llovet, director of TANDEM Madrid, collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Our Director, Begoña Llovet, has embarked for four months on an educational project of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India, as a volunteer German teacher at the Foundation’s Vocational School.

The Professional School is a project that started in 2012 and allows boys and girls with a university education to access a one-year scholarship to improve their English and computer skills and to learn a new language (Spanish, French or German). At the same time they improve their communication skills and develop job search strategies, such as how to write a CV and resources to get through a job interview.

Begoña Llovet is part of the team of volunteer teachers who collaborate with this project of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur. Her experience has been wonderful and an example for the whole TANDEM team that follows her every day at TANDEM Madrid.

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation’s project, which Begoña joins, the Professional School of Foreign Languages, is committed to the integration of girls and boys from India in the labour market, especially those with disabilities. Therefore, of the 166 places this year, 64 will be for girls and boys with disabilities.

His role in the new Kuderu Vocational School for Boys will be to provide these young people with a sound knowledge of German and to accompany them in learning this exciting language from his home country of India.

The inauguration ceremony of the new academic year took place in the Bukkaraya auditorium and was attended by teachers participating in the programme, members of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and the Sri Krishnadevaraya University of Anantapur (academic centre that certifies the studies of the Vocational School with a postgraduate degree).

They gave the young people confidence in their abilities and reminded them of the importance for their future of taking advantage of this academic opportunity, which can open doors to the job market, one of the biggest obstacles facing young people in India. As one of the young women in the new graduating class explained, “In India, there are already many of us young people who are studying, but we still don’t know how to find work. And that is one of the main objectives of the Vocational Schools, that they are able to access employment, providing them with the necessary skills to do so.


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