Fusión Línguas e Intercâmbio student testimonials, January 2019

In January 2019 we received a group of Brazilian students through the agency Fusion Línguas e Intercâmbio, with whom we have had a very active collaboration for some years. They tell us below a bit about their experience at TANDEM Madrid.


I must confess that I liked Madrid much more than I thought I would. The city is beautiful, all historic and full of places to see and enjoy. The Spaniards are very friendly and attentive. I enjoyed every minute and every corner of this city. I learned a lot of Spanish. Being immersed in the language and culture is more than half the way to learning.

As for TANDEM, I have only good things to say. Every day they looked after us and gave us all the necessary instructions. They have always helped us and indicated the best options. Not to mention the scheduled tours and the various cultural classes we had. It was sensational, an incredible experience.



For me the experience at the TANDEM school was great. I had the opportunity to meet new people, and new languages. The professionals working at TANDEM provide you with all the assistance possible. Being in Madrid was also an experience without words. The people of the city are very receptive and friendly.


For me, being in Madrid is a dream come true, and the opportunity of the exchange is a gift given to me by life! Studying at TANDEM has been a great experience. I loved the thematic classes, the teachers are very competent, and Madrid is a beautiful and welcoming city, a perfect mix! I am leaving, but I am looking forward to coming back very soon to learn even more about the language and culture of this wonderful country. Thank you Madrid, Thank you TANDEM.


Madrid has been an unforgettable experience and one that has surprised me, as I didn’t imagine I would have such a good time. The classes were wonderful, the teachers were very attentive and competent. My shock in front of Guernica was unique and I will keep it forever in my heart. I am very grateful to God for the opportunity and to TANDEM and Fusion for the happy stay in Madrid.


Fusion group, 2019

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