Private, group or combined Spanish classes, which are best suited to your needs?

There are many options available for learning Spanish, from private classes to group Spanish courses, and those which combine group classes with individual Spanish sessions with a private teacher.

At TANDEM Madrid we know that every person is different and that is why we adapt to the needs of every kind of student, from those who feel more comfortable learning Spanish on their own to those who prefer to surround themselves with other classmates with whom to learn Spanish.

Thus, in order to satisfy the learning preferences of everyone, in our Spanish courses catalogue you will find both group courses (intensive, extensive, and for groups), as well as private Spanish classes and combined Spanish courses. Here we give you the keys to discover which one fits you the best.[vc_empty_space height=”42px”]

More fun and dynamism, the strongest points of group classes

If there is something that stands out about group Spanish courses, it is their dynamism. As there are several students, you can do more types of activities to learn Spanish: speaking in pairs, in trios, debates between all the students, role-plays or team games.

Another advantage of group Spanish classes is that they also allow you to learn from the doubts of other classmates and see things from another point of view different from yours, something that opens our minds to other realities.
Group Spanish classes are the best option for people who want to achieve greater fluency when talking. This is so because when speaking in Spanish with people with different accents you will also exercise your hearing to other ways of speaking Spanish.

Faster results with individual classes

While in the group Spanish classes the learning is much less customised, in the individual classes you have a teacher exclusively dedicated to your own learning.

In addition, in the individual Spanish classes you will be able to speak Spanish for longer than in the group Spanish classes, where due to the number of students it is necessary to speak in turns.
This makes 1-to-1 private Spanish classes one of the most effective ways to achieve a good level of Spanish in a short period of time. The perfect choice for those who are looking for short-term results.

Combined Spanish classes, the best of both worlds

Studying Spanish along with other classmates or attending private Spanish classes have many advantages that we can benefit from. Why then giving up all the good things that both ways of learning Spanish offer?

At TANDEM Madrid we have the perfect solution for the undecided and for people who want to learn Spanish in a team at the same time as they receive private sessions of Spanish: the combined Spanish courses.

A program that combines twenty Spanish lessons in a 45-minute group with other students with the same level of Spanish and ten individual Spanish lessons with a private teacher per week.

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Spanish courses in Madrid


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