Private Spanish lessons: what you need to know to make the right choice

Learning a new language can be a wonderful challenge and private Spanish lessons can help you to learn faster. When you start to understand a new language, it’s like having a key to unlock another exciting way to communicate with the world. With a language like Spanish, one of the most spoken languages around the world, we might think it could be mastered easily. However, language learning can require consistent lessons, little to no help from apps that promise you results, or large classroom sizes filled with people of various levels. Most importantly, while learning Spanish, it’s crucial to understand what kind of learner you are. Do you work better in groups or one-on-one? Are you a self-starter? Below are some essential pros and cons to the world of language learning.

Our lives are complicated. Maybe you have children, a strenuous job, or many other responsibilities that take up your day. Deciding between private or group lessons is a good first step to learning Spanish, but it can be frustrating on choosing the right option for your lifestyle. If you’re a busy person, tailor-made private lessons are for you, if you’re flexible and want to save some money, perhaps group lessons are the way to go. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of private classes:

  • Lessons will be tailor made for your needs and skillset
  • Flexible times that work for your schedule
  • Teacher’s complete attention while achieving your goals

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Cons of private Spanish lessons:

  • May be more expensive than group lessons
  • More responsibility in scheduling and motivation

Pros of Group Lessons:

  • Able to interact with fellow language learners
  • Play more game based group work save money

Cons of Group Lessons:

  • Less flexible lesson times
  • Won’t get as much individual attention
  • Won’t have lessons tailor made for your needs

Another aspect of learning Spanish is whether or not you want to go in a school setting. Schools are a wonderful way to meet other people, but with rigid schedules, and little individual attention from the teacher, you may not be able to measure your progress accurately. Though it may feel more professional to be in a school setting, a lot of students feel left out of the learning process. Sadly, if you miss a day of school due to scheduling conflicts, you won’t be able to make it up. Private Spanish lessons are a way to face this problem, as you can easily reschedule for another time.

Busy, busy, busy! After a long day, you may not find it worth your time to leave your house in the evening. That is why online classes are so appealing to so many people. But with technology running our lives, is it always the right choice? Here are a few things to ponder with Spanish online courses versus face-to-face interactions:

Pros of Online Learning:

  • Conveniently in your own home or office
  • Perks of a getting a private lesson but with a less expensive price tag
  • May utilize more technological approaches to learning

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Cons of Online Learning:

  • You lose face-to-face interactions
  • Internet connections aren’t always reliable
  • Continuous pronunciation and hands-on worksheets are less available
  • Extra self-discipline needed in order to do online courses

Spanish is a wonderful, extremely useful language to learn. It’ll help you in employment, interacting with several countries and cultures, and is one of the most important Romance languages we have. Regardless of how you learn Spanish, a key ingredient in Tandem International is the communicative method, which states: “No matter how you learn… Speak!” Implying that regardless of the type of class that suits you best, speaking frequently is how to build muscle memory in your brain and retain a lifetime of knowledge.

Did you know?

At TANDEM Madrid you can combine any face-to-face Spanish course with private Spanish lessons or Spanish classes via Skype to improve your language skills faster. Just choose one of the many courses we have and add the number of lessons you want.

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