TANDEM Language Exchanges, the favorite tool of Millennials to practice languages

TANDEM language exchanges are becoming more and more trendy, especially among the Millennials, a generation fascinated by multicultural and multilingual environments. English, Spanish, French, German… the more languages they speak the better and the more interested they feel in learning new languages.

Why Millennials are eager to engage in Tandem language exchanges? There are several reasons why 18-35 year olds like language exchanges. On the one hand, they find in them a very effective tool for practicing languages, a knowledge that they put into practice at any time and which can open many doors to employment opportunities.

On the other hand, language exchanges are for them a very stimulating activity to which to dedicate their free time, which at the same time is an incredible opportunity to expand their social networks while having a good time drinking something, like any other night out.

Because, although it is undeniable that these new generations of consolidated digital habits spend their lives hooked to their mobile phones and sharing almost every second of their lives through social media, they also have room in their agenda to physically interact with other people and test the languages they have learned or have an interest in learning.

One of the premises of these young people is the need to feel accepted and recognized by others. In language exchanges they find the perfect formula to create content that interests their followers and to establish contact with people with the same interests.

One of the strong points of language exchanges as opposed to classroom courses is the ease with which we can achieve a good level of communication skills. Because, let’s be clear, no matter how many Spanish classes you attend, you will achieve real results only by talking to others.

That’s why at TANDEM Madrid we believe in language exchanges and we help our students find language partners with whom they can practice their Spanish and speak in their mother tongue with Spaniards interested in practicing it. Our mission is to find you a Tandem partner, the hallmark of our school, who will accompany you in your practice of the Spanish language during your stay in Madrid.

And, besides TANDEM language exchanges, we also offer Long-Term Spanish Courses, Standard Intensive Spanish Courses and Combined Spanish Courses so you learn Spanish up to the maximum.

How can I join TANDEM exchanges?

To break the ice and put possible language partners in contact, from the moment a student joins any of our Spanish courses of two or more weeks long, we offer them the opportunity to participate in TANDEM exchanges, which we organize on a regular basis.

The main requirement to take part in TANDEM language exchanges is to be studying a different language than your mother tongue or to be interested in refreshing your knowledge of a previously learned language.

Every student at the school receives an invitation to all the events we organize each month, but people who are not TANDEM Madrid students must fill in a form to register and find out when the activities take place.

The golden rules of TANDEM language exchanges

1- Regular appointments with your TANDEM partner. Remember that, as when learning how to ride a bike, only by being constant when pedaling can we move forward. The same happens with languages: you need to meet your partner regularly to practice.

2- Take turns to change languages. It is essential that the roles of student and language counselor rotate and that both languages are spoken equally in all sessions.

3- One language in each turn. Another golden rule of linguistic exchanges is that in each turn we speak only one of the two languages so that both listening comprehension and oral expression flow.

“Do you want to know the great advantages of language exchanges?” “At TANDEM Madrid we help you to get in touch with people with whom you can practice language exchange.”



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