Tips to help you achieve your goal of learning Spanish in 2019

Motivation and our good intentions are sometimes insufficient to keep our New Year resolutions from falling by the wayside. At TANDEM Madrid we wish that learning Spanish stop being a pending plan and, for this reason, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you to finally achieve your goal of learning Spanish in 2019.

1. Mark and define your objectives

One of the keys to success in language learning is to set and define clear objectives. What do I want to learn Spanish for? What are my short-term goals? How far do I want to go in the long term? Our free Spanish test will help you to know what level of Spanish you have, allowing you to set concrete and realistic goals.

Remember to consider the time (daily, weekly, monthly…) that, on a regular basis, you will be able to dedicate to learning Spanish and mark it on a calendar. In addition to better planning, you’ll also be able to control whether you’re achieving your goals or need to make changes.

2. Be constant and patient

When we have a goal to reach we usually start with a lot of enthusiasm but, as time goes by, we lose intensity. One of the keys to learning Spanish is constancy.

It is not necessary to study Spanish every day, but it is necessary to study at a stable pace that allows us to reach the level of Spanish that we want. A couple of times a week is usually enough. You should also keep in mind that patience is a fundamental ingredient.

Sé constante y paciente
There will be days when Spanish will seem very complicated to you, but there will also be others when you will feel like Miguel de Cervantes himself speaking and writing in Spanish. Insist and you will see how little by little the language starts flowing.

3. Stop making excuses

Extremes are never good partners. Neither learning in a month that we haven’t learned in years neither finding excuses like “I’ll start tomorrow” or “next week”. The mind has the power to condition us, also in a positive way just by thinking “I’ll start today”. Stop making excuses and start learning Spanish today!

4. Introduce the Spanish language in your daily life

In addition to the time you can devote to studying Spanish, a good tip to further improve your knowledge is to integrate the language into your daily life. If you like to listen to music, read or watch movies and series in your free time, why not bet on songs, books or audiovisual material in Spanish? By incorporating the Spanish language into your leisure time, you will be making your ear to the language and be able to learn how the expressions and grammatical rules of Spanish are really used.

5. Travel to destinations where Spanish is spoken

Another good way to consolidate Spanish is to practice it with Spanish speakers. If you have an adventurous spirit and traveling is one of your favorite activities, why not choose Spanish speaking destinations? Cities such as Madrid are perfect for practicing Spanish and have language exchange facilities where, in addition to speaking Spanish, you can also make friends. Take advantage of the opportunity to take a language trip, where you can combine tourism with a Spanish course!


6. Find yourself a TANDEM partner

Learning another language together is much more fun and, if you know how to take advantage of language exchange, it’s also the most productive way to learn Spanish. Because, in addition to having someone else to practice Spanish with, it will also support you when your strength weakens and you will be able to draw up a common study plan with objectives to be achieved as a team. A TANDEM partner can be a valuable support for learning Spanish this year.

7. Have a schedule to study Spanish

Whether you prefer to study Spanish on your own or take a Spanish course, have a place on your agenda for it on a regular basis. The online Spanish courses give you enough flexibility to learn at your own pace and without leaving home.

“Is learning Spanish among your 2019 resolutions?” “Discover our Spanish courses in Madrid and reach your goals.”

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