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Welfare Form

TANDEM Madrid requires parents or guardians to complete this Welfare Form for the safety of all our students under 18. It is very important that we know about everything that might affect the health of our students, as well as other informations to be considered in the event of a problem.

Please submit this form just after you’ve completed the booking (either via Website or email), so we can organize any dieultimatary requirements or anything else which may have an effect on the student’s well-being at our school, such as previous illnesses or injuries.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

At TANDEM MADRID we work to achieve the complete customer satisfaction. However, unforeseen problems might happen, and we are committed to follow up all concerns from our students to solve any eventual problems the best we can.

Making a complaint to TANDEM Madrid

If you have a complaint either with the school in general or with any service we provide, please let us know. We’ll always treat your complaints seriously. Steps to submit a complaint to TANDEM Madrid:

Go to reception or the marketing Coordinator and explain your complaint.
We will do our best to answer you quickly and we may be able to solve your issue immediately. If it is not possible, we will normally arrange a time and a place on the same day to discuss the problem further and find a solution with you.
We could attend you in several languages, but If your Spanish or English level is not high, try to get help from someone who can help you with the translation.
Please give us time to analyze all details involving your complaint. It usually takes 24 hours or less.

At TANDEM MADRID we work to achieve the complete customer satisfaction. However, unforeseen problems might happen, and we are committed to follow up all concerns from our students to solve any eventual problems the best we can. If you are not happy with our response, you also could write to these two organisms which TANDEM Madrid is member of:

TANDEM International

TANDEM Frankfurt – Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur, Germany

Klaus Führmann:


He is the contact person and superior for all employees, organizing communication between the member groups, the committee, TANDEM’s employees and the TANDEM Foundation. In addition, he is in charge of TANDEM International Quality Management, incorporating the tasks of the TANDEM International Ombudsman. If you are unhappy with any of the educational products or services provided by our member schools, you can get in touch and tell him about the problem.

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Dirección: C/ Salitre 26 local – 29002 (Málaga) SPAIN

Tel: +34 952 561 837



Any student for whose complaints have not been answered can contact the Student Guardian of FEDELE, who will process their complaints and their follow up its resolution. The Student Guardian consists of a commission of 3 FEDELE schools, excluding the school which has received the complaint. The school must provide its students with the written complaint forms as well as the contact details of the Student Guardian. In each case, the school will provide the completed complaint forms fuly signed by both the student and the school. The resolution period will be between 2 and 4 weeks. The resolution obtained will be communicated to the student.

Young learner age range policy

TANDEM Madrid accepts students within the age range specified in our brochure and other promotional materials. The student should have reached the required age by the beginning of the course.

Consideration for Acceptance

Child Safeguarding is very important to TANDEM Madrid and acceptation of the TANDEM’S Child Safeguarding policy is required for all staff. All staff will be informed of students who do not fall within the age range and they will be placed in accommodation and classrooms which are suitable for their age range, if necessary. Students who are within the age range will be consulted regarding their stay at our schools.

All age sensitive activities will be monitored and we will provide an alternative when they’re considered unsuitable for their ages.

A disclaimer and an email will be sent to third party providers or to the legal guardian of direct students for them to sign and send back prior to the arrival of the student, stating that TANDEM Madrid reserves the right to accept students outside its published age range.

Students under the age of 12 will be supervised either by the student’s group leader or by an TANDEM Madrid member of staff during free time while on excursions.

Any students over 17 years of age are accepted on the basis that they adhere to all the rules and policies of the school and its providers. The student will be treated as if he or she is under 18.

Student Code of Conduct

Students must:

  • Follow formal instructions given by staff.

  • Arrive at lessons on time.

  • Take responsibility for the safety of their personal property.

  • Ensure that all staff are spoken to politely.

  • Move quietly about the corridors and stairs and do not run.

  • Make every effort to ensure all areas of the school are kept clean, tidy and litter-free.

  • Smoke outside the school.

TANDEM Madrid will not tolerate:

  • Bullying and harassment of other students or staff of any kind.

  • Any type of violence.

  • Vandalism or graffiti.

  • Possession of, use of or dealing of drugs in school.

  • Possession of alcohol and the drinking of alcohol at the school.

  • Misuse of solvents.

  • Misuse of TANDEM property and equipment.

  • Serious breach of health and safety.

  • Deliberate damage to health and safety equipment.

  • Possession of any knives, guns or other weapons in school.

  • Use of foul and abusive language.

  • Theft of any kind.

  • Any actions that breach local law.

Students with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs

  • In the way we provide education for the student.

  • In the way we give the student access to a benefit, facility or service.

  • By not providing education for the student.

  • By not affording the student access to any benefit, facility or service.

  • By excluding the student.

  • By subjecting them to any other detriment.

Admission Policy:

Students must declare any eventual disabilities and special educational needs TANDEM Madrid during their application.

This declaration will allow the school to make provision for the student in when reasonably possible and practicable.

Declaration during the application stage will give the school time to make any adjustments that are reasonable and necessary, or to propose alternative arrangements if adjustments cannot be made.

If a disability or special need is not declared at the time of application but is identified after arrival at school, this could result in the school not being able to provide the services for the student as expected, agreed or contracted. In this case the school would make arrangements for the student to be transferred to another school or returned home. This could result in additional costs for student concerned.

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