Spanish Traditions

Costumbres España

How much do we value what our grandparents, great-grandparents or even our own parents taught us?

We are talking about what we can’t find in textbooks or on the Internet. We are talking about what we have learned through experience and pass like a treasure to our children, cousins and nephews. We create a collective memory, a specific and shared identity which ends where it starts, in our family.

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Social practices and habits derive from the common wisdom contained in our learnt by heart traditions. These traditions come from ancient and original generations and are passed on mainly orally. We could say that social practices and habits of a certain place determine the attitude towards life and leave a mark behind with the hope that it will be collected and shared. Language, society and culture can’t be separated, they are guided and assimilated. Therefore, diving into a foreign culture usually means to acquire knowledge but also interpersonal communication skills. Culture shall be studied attending to its use, to the specific events and concrete situations in which it displays. Above all, in the case of Spain, we should study the uniqueness of the regions which give rise to many cultural manifestations all throughout the country.

In this section we will ask ourselves and think about how Spanish people live and act and relate it with their idiosyncrasy. Then we will be able to access to the sociocultural components inherent to language. We will see the family and social celebrations, the way to behave in bars and restaurants, popular festivities, etc. Besides, you will find the general and specific guidelines of daily life in Spain. We will have a section on informal language, with everyday and courtesy expressions and popular sayings, among others.

Most conflicts and shocks in societies derive from the bare knowledge of the other’s culture. There needs to be a ground for intercultural dialogue where people coming from different cultures can learn about their existing differences and similarities. This is one of the goals of this section, offering valuable information about Spanish culture to help create a better society which brings us all together in our diversity.

Foreign cultures enrich our lives and make us freer. Do you want to join us?


Did you know that?

uvas-nochevieja.jpg Los españoles celebran la noche vieja comiéndose 12 uvas, una para cada campanada del reloj cuando marca las doce de la noche de año nuevo.

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