Enrollment period for the CCSE exam to acquire Spanish nationality is open

If you are a foreigner living in Spain and wish to obtain Spanish citizenship, keep reading!. From 9 September the enrollment period for the exam of Constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE) is open. Passing the CCSE exam is mandatory to obtain Spanish citizenship, as well as a DELE diploma in Spanish in level A2 or higher (for nationals of non-Spanish speaking countries).

Both exams are created and processed by the Instituto Cervantes, the most relevant public institution in charge of preserving and spreading Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

The acquisition of Spanish citizenship binds the applicant to the Spanish State and grants them the same rights and duties as any Spanish citizen born in Spain.

Spanish citizenship, issued by the Spanish Government, can be acquired in different ways and for different reasons: because the applicant has Spanish origins, because he/she has been living in Spain for a long time, for personal or family reasons, etc.

The CCSE exam is aimed at people older than 18 (of any nationality) and with the legal capacity to act who wish to acquire Spanish citizenship. The exam assesses through several tasks the applicant’s knowledge of the Spanish Constitution, society and culture, which is assumed to prove that the candidate is fully integrated into Spanish society.

The exams are held on two Thursdays each month (except in August and December) at more than 200 centers accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. The Instituto Cervantes has a browser on its website through which it is possible to locate each center in almost any country in the world.

The exam consists of 5 exercises with 25 multiple choice or true/false questions. Sixty percent of the questions are aimed at checking the applicant’s knowledge of the Government, legislation, and involvement of citizens in the Spanish society and the remaining 40% are devoted to Spanish culture, society, and history. The exam takes 45 minutes and to pass it, the candidates must answer correctly to 15 of the 25 questions.

Post enrollment period for the CCSE exam for Spanish citizenship is now open


January 2020: 09/01/2020 & 30/01/2020. Enrollment deadline 09/01/2020.

February 2020: 13/02/2020 & 27/02/2020. Enrollment deadline 06/02/2020.

March 2020: 12/03/2020 & 26/03/2020. Enrollment deadline 05/03/2020.

April 2020: 09/04/2020 & 30/04/2020. Enrollment deadline 09/04/2020.

May 2020: 14/05/2020 & 28/05/2020. Enrollment deadline 07/05/2020.

June 2020: 11/06/2020 & 25/06/2020. Enrollment deadline 04/06/2020.

July 2020: 09/07/2020 & 30/07/2020. Enrollment deadline 09/07/2020.

September 2020: 10/09/2020 & 24/09/2020. Enrollment deadline 03/09/2020.

October 2020: 08/10/2020 & 29/10/2020. Enrollment deadline 08/10/2020.

November 2020: 12/11/2020 & 26/11/2020. Enrollment deadline 05/11/2020.

The enrollment fee for the exam in 2019 was 85 euros, we recommend you visit the our examination center periodically to be updated about the CCSE, DELE and SIELE exams for next year as to possible changes. In terms of exam preparation, although there is no specific course or material to be prepared by candidates, we offer a series of free materials that can be of help in preparing for the exam.

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Preparation course for the CCSE exam


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