Citizen of the World, Brasileños en TANDEM: week 4

As every week, the students have been attending their Spanish classes on a regular basis. And as usual, every Monday they have a breakfast at the school together with the teachers and the Spanish students of the school to welcome the new students and to start the week off right.

Viamundo Group, 2017, Posing on the school stairs Group Viamundo, 2017, breakfast in the courtyard Group Viamundo, 2017, breakfast in the courtyard

The week from 6 to 12 November was a short week, as it was a public holiday in Madrid, “La Almudena”. The students were able to experience and celebrate this festival together with the rest of the people of Madrid.

The Feast of the Almudena

The 9th of November in Madrid is a public holiday, with religious celebrations in honour of the Virgen de la Almudena who, together with San Isidro Labrador, is the patron saint of the city.

Virgin of Almudena

Its image is a small wooden carving of Mary holding the infant Jesus, probably created during the late Middle Ages. The current image in the Almudena Cathedral is somewhat more recent, made in Gothic style between the 15th and 16th centuries.

The first writings in which the Virgin of the Almudena is mentioned as the patron saint of Madrid date back to the 17th century, but it was in 1948 when the official act of coronation as patron saint of Madrid took place.


There are two different legends that relate the origin of the Almudena cult, both related to the Muslim occupation and the Christian reconquest. The name “Almudena” comes from the Arabic “al-mudayna” or “al-medina”, which was used to refer to the fortified citadel that once existed in Madrid.

One of these stories tells that the original image was walled up by the inhabitants of the city in a part of the wall, to protect it from the invasion of the Muslims in the 8th century. When King Alfonso VI reconquered the city in 1085, they set out to find the image. After several days of prayer, the wall collapsed where the statue was, just as a procession was passing by, revealing the image intact and with the original candles lit. According to another legend, the Virgin had appeared to the mythical hero El Cid, asking him to take the citadel occupied by the Moors. When they reached the city, the wall came down, revealing the image, and the soldiers were able to enter and recapture the city.

The image was called Virgen de la Almudena and was taken to the church of Santa María, where it remained for several centuries, until the church was demolished and the image was transferred to the convent of Las Bernardas. In 1911 the image was taken to the Almudena Cathedral. During the civil war it returned once more to the Bernardas convent, and in 1954 it was taken back to the cathedral.


The Almudena Day celebrations are mostly religious, with masses, floral offerings of white and yellow roses, and a procession through the historic centre to the cathedral.

It is also a festive and joyful day, when the inhabitants of Madrid take to the streets in their typical chulapos and chulapas costumes, and enjoy typical dishes of the city in traditional bars and restaurants of the capital. The best-known dishes at this time of year are the famous squid sandwich, callos a la madrileña, cod croquettes and the “Corona de la Almudena”, a typical roscón (ring-shaped pastry) made with butter and orange blossom.

Chulapos in Puerta del Sol

Cultural Programme

As a cultural activity they attended the Spanish cooking class, given by Chef Alessandro.

They have been able to cook our famous Andalusian gazpacho, vegetable paella with chicken and the most famous dessert in Madrid, torrijas.

This is one of the activities that the pupils have enjoyed the most.

What our students say

Lucas Pereira, next to a fountain “After more than 30 days here in Madrid, I can say that every day I am enriched, I arrived in one way and I will leave in another. The sensation of feeling the greatness of the world and its various languages is indescribable. Learning Spanish is just one of the countless things I have learned in this city, and I thank God for everything. I thank God for everything. He is good, and He is good at all times.

Lucas pereira

Lucas Pereira, posing at the cookery course

Lucas Pereira with colleagues in the park

Lucas Pereira, entrance to El Escorial

Lucas Pereira, enjoying the results of the cooking course

Lucas Pereira, in the cooking course

Lucas Pereira, on tour in Madrid

Lucas Pereira, cooking with a colleague

Lucas Pereira, at night in the Puerta del Sol

Luis Lima“Madrid is charming from Sunday to Sunday, I get to know more and more about the Spanish culture every day: in the classes at TANDEM, in a simple walk in the park, on any given day of the week, or in an afternoon of cooking typical Spanish dishes”.

Luis Lima

Luis Lima, In the Temple of Debod Luis Lima, with his classmates in the cooking course

Ellien BarbosaA dream called Spain.
It is no secret to anyone that I wanted this trip, otherwise I would not have tried 3 times. But the truth is that even I didn’t know exactly how much I needed it. In less than a month I already have a collection of memories that go far beyond photos. It is almost impossible to mention the amount of things I have seen and experienced on the streets, chatting with people, looking for pages, “studying Spanish”…

Ellien Barbosa

Ellien Barbosa, next to the aqueduct in Segovia

Ellien Barbosa, camels

Ellien Barbosa, at the park

Ellien Barbosa, standing next to a statue of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Ellien Barbosa, at a viewpoint in Madrid

Ellien Barbosa, in the park with colleagues

Ellien Barbosa, posing

Ellien Barbosa, Segovia

Ellien Barbosa, Sitting on the Iron Throne

Ellien Barbosa, at the Santiago Bernabéu

Ellien Barbosa, Entrance to El Escorial

Ellien Barbosa, Real Madrid Official Kit

Ellien Barbosa, boarding ticket

Ellien Barbosa, on a walk by a fountain

Ellien Barbosa, sleeping at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium

Ellien Barbosa

Ellien Barbosa, big-headed

Ellien Barbosa, pond of El Escorial

Ellien Barbosa, painting by Cândido Portinari,

Ellien Barbosa, pond of El Escorial

Ellien Barbosa, petting a dog

Ellien Barbosa, posing with team-mates

Ellien Barbosa, street near El Escorial

Ellien Barbosa, posando con sus compañeros de equipo

Ellien Barbosa, Atocha Station

Ellien Barbosa, on a walk

Ellien Barbosa, Arc de Triomphe

Ellien Barbosa, as an anchorwoman

Ellien Barbosa, on a tour

Ellien Barbosa, snack

Ellien Barbosa, snale

Ellien Barbosa, walking

Ellien Barbosa, selfie

Ellien Barbosa, selfie

Ellien Barbosa, cathedral

Ellien Barbosa, panoramic

Ellien Barbosa, Reina Sofia Museum

Ellien Barbosa, Santiago Bernabéu stadium

Ellien Barbosa, posing next to a wall

Ellien Barbosa, Gran Vía

Ellien Barbosa, gardens of the Royal Palace

Ellien Barbosa, jumping

Ellien Barbosa, sitting on a park bench

Ellien Barbosa, selfie in the park

Ellien Barbosa, on a lookout point with colleagues

Ellien Barbosa, walking

Ellien Barbosa, bar terrace

Ellien Barbosa, column from El Escorial

Ellien Barbosa, El Escorial

Ellien Barbosa, El Escorial

Spanish course in Madrid


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