Teacher training course: testimonials of Anahi and Bruno

Our most recent teacher-training course has just finished. It has been a pleasure to have Anahí Bertelli and Bruno Zarraluqui, future teachers of Spanish, with us, and who have enjoyed this intense month.

Anahí is about to finish Hispanic Philology; half-Spanish and half-Brazilian, she is passionate about the Spanish language, and has a great motivation for teaching. Bruno, who was born in the United Kingdom of Spanish parents, has spent his most recent t years in Madrid. In the near future he would like to combine his work with teaching Spanish, preferably abroad. This common interest has made their paths cross in TANDEM; from here they have both had a memorable experience with a great desire to continue.

Testimonial of Anahí:

Anahí BertelliMy experience at TANDEM began a short time ago, when a friend of mine told me about ELE’s teacher training courses at the school. From the first contact I had when I began to explore the program, I saw the honesty and closeness with those who work here.

Anahí Bertelli

The experience of Bruno:

Bruno Zarraluqui
I’ve always believed that there is a teacher in all of us; no matter what we do in life, what status or role we play in society. If there is an ounce of generosity in our nature, there is a teacher hidden somewhere within us.

Bruno Zarraluqui

Spanish teachers training

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