Equality plan

TANDEM MADRID: Socially responsible school

At TANDEM Madrid we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in all its aspects, is a duty of companies that care about people and the world we live in.

Commitment to equality among people, economic justice, the environment, diversity and peace among all peoples has always been part of TANDEM Internacional‘s “DNA” and values. More than just preparing our students to learn a new language, we seek to inspire in our community the idea of a more just, prosperous and sustainable world.


TANDEM MADRID also offers scholarships to students with fewer resources. We know that, although we can not solve all the problems of the world, at least we can contribute our bit to help some people who want a better world as we do.

TANDEM MADRID: Equality Plan

With its sense of social responsibility, Tandem Spanish School believes it should be a part of an Equality Plan to promote equal opportunities. Therefore in 2012, Tandem put into effect the Equality Plan of the Community of Madrid.

To develop the Equality Plan, TANDEM International School enrolled as a participating company in The Community of Madrid’s GENERATE CHANGE Program (2nd Edition). This program is an initiative of the General Directorate of Women in The Ministry of Employment in The Community of Madrid, and is 50% co-financed by the European Social Fund. The fundamental objective is to support SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) implementing the principles of the Constitutional Law 3/2007, 22 March into their own organization, to attain true equality between women and men.

For the preparation of this Equality Plan, a thorough analysis of the current gender balance in TANDEM International School was conducted, through various training-type meetings, the assessment of managerial staff and other departments in the company. This process produced a clear and realistic analysis of the current situation. These results have allowed an understanding of the current status and nature of the workforce, to identify the needs and to define the objectives. At the same time, this will improve as well as establish mechanisms to make proposals that can be integrated into our Equality Plan.

In a second phase, with the findings of the analysis in mind, various objectives were proposed in order to explicitly improve those areas which showed weaknesses, directly and indirectly related to equal opportunities.

Subsequently, in accordance with these objectives, a series of measures were put in place to mitigate these weaknesses and to achieve truly equal opportunities between women and men of TANDEM International School.

As such, this has had a direct impact specifically on the selection, promotion, training, remuneration, conciliation, sexism, harassment and organizational culture of the workforce.

The preparation of this plan, including the analytical phase, was conducted with the technical assistance of AESIC Business and Marketing School, and the company itself.

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